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The Delhi District German Home was formed to create a club for the community that would cater to social and recreational activities. It would also provide a link to the people of German decent and encourage the preservation of their traditions.

Established in 1949 and opened in November 1950, it quickly gained a reputation for its great facilities, friendly atmosphere and excellent food.

  In 1950, the German Home Ladies Society was formed to assist with the social activities of the club and to foster the German culture and language. The Society established a great rapport throughout the area and became well-known for their tasty and delicious meals served at the various functions. They especially received praise for the "Chicken and Cabbage Rolls".
Delhi German Home

Throughout the years, The Delhi German Home has been host to many events such as Weddings, Banquets, Corporate Functions, Dances, Parties, Seminars and more, that are held in the main hall which can easily cater to some 500 guests.
Local organizations also find the German Home an ideal place to hold meetings.

Located on the lower level, you'll find the Black Forest Lounge which provides the perfect place for friends to meet, socialize, shoot some pool, play cards or enjoy the entertainment. The lower level also has an excellent separate room where local organizations hold their meetings.


The German Home is a great supporter of the local community by getting involved with youth sports, organizations and participating in events.

With great facilities, plenty of parking, good food, comfortable surroundings and a friendly atmosphere, The Delhi German Home is the ideal place for your next event or just getting away from the daily stress.

Come join us for some Gemütlichkeit in our downstairs lounge or one of several events held throughout the year, including the ever popular Octoberfest.

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German Hall Building
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